Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

BendyWicks Privacy Policy


This is to bring our privacy policy inline with the new GDPR regulations from May 2018.


Here at BendyWicks we treat your information with the utmost care, we always want to be as transparent as possible, and have tried to keep this document as clear as possible. In this document we will describe what information we collect and how we use that information. We will also outline your rights to have this information deleted at any time.

For this privacy policy, the data controller is Ben Cosnett (owner and designer of


Our Policy Promise:

We will never share or sell any information on our contacts and customers to third parties for marketing purposes. The only information we have is the information you give us when placing an order or making contact or enquiries. This information is only used to process orders and for our internal accounts and annual tax returns. Currently, we do not contact customers or use any marketing tools other than social media sites to promote our work.

Our website ordering system is handled by and there privacy policy can be found here:

Payments are handled through PayPal or direct bank transfers.

PayPal – privacy policy can be found here:


Data Retention:

We hold accounts for 7 years in accordance with UK tax regulations.


No information or photographs will ever be used in our marketing/ websites or social media without written consent.

Your Rights

You have the right at any time to review, request any information we hold on you, please call or ask in writing allowing us 40 days to process the request. There will be no charge for this information.

If we or our website hosts experience any data breaches, we will inform you within 1 working day of becoming aware.

Our Contact details

Ben Cosnett email: [email protected]

Telephone: 07929847344

Registered address:


Wild Ways, Borle Mill Bank

Highley, Shropshire, WV16 6NJ