Bendy Profile - Emma Kenna

Name: Emma Kenna (Hooping Mad)

Hometown / area: Originally from Corby, Northants. Currently in Europe and can be found mostly here and in Bali but it varies. Check out for my current location!

Job: Travelling Hoop Teacher, Hoop Event Organiser and Hoop Clothing Seller

How would you describe yourself? I'm a bit mental but I hope in a good way. I try and do too many things but I think that makes me interesting. I talk a lot and think too much.  I'm always late. Haha I'm supposedely pretty entertaining to be around.

Your best kept secret?  Sudacrem... my only non vegan product I can't do without.  Standard nappy rash cream that's a save all for all scrapes and bites but is most importantly the best minor burns cream ever! A fire spinner's must have.

Who do you most admire?  I admire pretty much everyone for some reason or another. Everyone I meet has an epic backstory somewhere or a random talent. That's the fun of meeting people, finding out what they do and how they work. Pretty much everyone that can play an instrument! Anyone that can speak more than one language (which incidentally is pretty much every human outside of UK, US and Australia). Anyone who's spent a crazy amount of time learning something. Yeah, I'm easily impressed :P

What is your best achievement?  Getting my doctorate in Immunology ?? Or maybe giving it all up to become a hula hooper ?? I'm pretty impressed I can touch my toes at the moment and proud of my progress in German.  When I finally become fluent that'll be my best achievement for sure!

Who would you most like to meet and why?  Um everyone. Everyone has a story to tell :)

What do you do for fun?  Currently pole dancing, handstands, yin yoga (the one with no actual sweating :P) and learning German and Indonesian! Oh and hoop, of course :P  I also eat a lot of awesome food and hang out with amazing people.

What motivates you?  Um being happier... wanting other people to be happier.

What is your biggest challenge in life now?  Working out where to live and what to do with myself.

If a genie gave you a wish what would you wish for?  Gotta say world peace really :P

Any hidden talents?  Um no, as soon as I recognise a talent I'll usually add a hoop and get it on instagram... That's what happens when you have a 'minor' social media addiction and are a habitual show off :P

What's your motto?  I'm not a godess, I'm a superhero. (In the hoop world I think it's always important to make the distinction)

Best advice anyone has given you?  Expect nothing, Accept everything (working on it!)

What can you simply not resist?  hmmm interesting one, I have no idea I'd say vegan ice cream but actually I give up sugar for big chunks of time so I do resist that!  Good music and clear dance space...

Describe yourself in three words?  Friendly, Chaotic, Superhero

Your life would be meaningless without...  Um I don't know, Family, friends and food :P Dancing, Singing, Laughing - you know, the usual :)

What is the first thing you do when you wake up/start your day?  At the moment I have a 20min training thingy I do that includes a lot of planking and some (embarrassingly pathetic) press ups.. trying to get strong and bendy :P

And why do you like BendyWicks?  Bendywicks are, hands down, the best wicks I've ever played with. I have a tendency to be a bit crazy with my fire hoops and I'm not shy of rolling, throwing and dropping them. Bendywicks not only withstand the abuse but also stay tight on the hoop which is a rarity. Great weight, great design, great durability. Plus Ben is a star so there's also awesome customer service. Winner.

Where can people find you? 

Main website (tour info and online workshops):

Instagram, Youtube and FB page: hoopingmad

'Hooping Mad Online Learning' FB Group

Hoop clothing sales

Twins Week Intensive:

South West Hoop Conference:

Advanced Teacher Training: